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Re: read_buffer_size query


Hi, Ian!

On Mar 22, Ian Gilfillan wrote:
> Hi
> I'm working on adding complete descriptions to the knowledgebase for all 
> the server variables right now, and have a query on the read_buffer_size 
> variable. The default in my MariaDB 10.0.1 seems to be 2097152, but it's 
> listed on the MySQL docs with a default of 131072. I can't find a 
> mention in the changelogs of this having changed - can anyone tell me in 
> which version the change in default happened?

The hard-coded default is still 131072.
Probably, 2097152 comes from your my.cnf file, on debian it contains
"read_buffer_size = 2M" line.

> Also, in the MySQL documentation, this variable is described as applying 
> to MyISAM tables, while in the only short description on the 
> Knowledgebase I can find, at 
> https://kb.askmonty.org/en/mysqld-options-full-list/, it's described 
> more generally, not specifically mentioning MyISAM. Does this variable 
> apply to other storage engines as well now (Aria?), or still only MyISAM?

MyISAM, Aria, and MERGE.


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