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Re: New problem with GTID patch


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Unfortunately with your recent commit (revision 3546) test
>> rpl.rpl_gtid_startpos doesn't work when GTID patch is applied on top

I just pushed another patch (bzr revision 3548) with fixes for a similar
failure in rpl.rpl_gtid_startpos. I still do not understand why it would be
affected by "if (!is_relay_log && read_state_from_file())". However, the bug
was a race in the test case, it failed or not at random depending on
timing. So could it be that it just appeared to depend on this line, while in
reality the issue was different timing when running the test?

(I would like to understand the issue so we do not overlook a hidden bug).

Incidentally, I've put the tree in Buildbot, you can see it here, it may be
useful for you to check from time to time:


>> everything that should happen here that much. If you want me to look
>> at something else to better understand the problem let me know.
> If you can add printouts to error log of all calls to read_state_from_file()

Or just send me the full output from mysql-test-run.pl for the failure, that
may tell me something.

 - Kristian.

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