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Re: Rev 3712: MDEV-4338 : Support atomic option on directFS/FusionIO


>> > +        srv_use_atomic_writes = (ibool) innobase_use_atomic_writes;
>> Is that the typical usage pattern in the innodb code?
>> Because it looks a bit silly to me, why couldn't you create a sysvar
>> directly on srv_use_atomic_writes, why an intermediate
>> innobase_use_atomic_writes variable?
> Yes, this is typical usage pattern in Innodb. Bit weird, I agree.  Every
> innobase_xxx variable has an srv_xxx counterpart.  I have no clue why it is
> so, but I did not want to disturb their existing conventions:)

FWIW not necessarily. Look at innodb_io_capacity,
innodb_purge_batch_size, innodb_rollback_segments,
innodb_purge_threads just name the first few where a srv_* variable is
specified in MYSQL_SYSVAR_* directly. Note that the srv_* = innobase_*
assignments have typecasts on them, so I haven't checked, but it might
be that using the srv_ in a MYSQL_SYSVAR_ directly would have resulted
in compilation warnings otherwise.

Just 2c,

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