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Re: GSoC 2013: Regex enhancements


Hi, Gábor!

On Apr 14, Gábor Kövesdán wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a student interested in this GSoC project. I already participated in 
> GSoC several times, one of those involved porting the TRE regex engine 
> to FreeBSD. I also worked on some optimizations for that. Since then 
> I've started the PhD course in modeling and domain-specific languages, 
> which made me more familiar with the theory of parsing and automata. I'm 
> experienced in C and I can get along with C++. I'd like to ask what are 
> the exact requirements of this project? Is it about plugging in an 
> existing regexp engine into MariaDB, like RE2 or TRE? Or writing a new 
> implementation? Could you please give me some pointers where to look at 
> the code to see how regexes are used in MariaDB? Also, what other 
> preliminary research should I do to write a good application?

This task is about plugging an existing regexp engine into

And about adding REGEX_REPLACE function, but that's at most 10% of
the task, probably less. (I'll show to do it, it's really simple)

Pointers. There's regex/ subdirectory in the source tree. The API is in
the regex/my_regex.h. If you grep the source code for API functions,
like my_regcomp, my_regexec, etc - you'll see where they are used.

Preliminary research - only about chosing a regex library to use in
MariaDB.  You should be able to explain why we should use this library
and not some other one.