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Re: GTID and replication of mysql database


Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Note that the user should not update mysql.rpl_slave_state manually. Except
>> perhaps to ALTER TABLE ... ENGINE=xxx (which can be replicated).
> BTW, why did you allow to create rpl_slave_state with MyISAM? I mean I

Well, otherwise it becomes impossible to run the server without InnoDB.
It should also be possible to use another transactional storage engine, like
Tokutek (multi-engine transactions are quite expensive due to the need for XA
to synchronise all changes, so mysql.rpl_slave_state should use the same
engine as most DML).

Currently I create the mysql.rpl_slave_state table with the default storage
engine. Which is InnoDB, unless the user configured it otherwise. This was the
best I could think of, but I agree it is important to avoid it becoming MyISAM
by mistake, so any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

> understand it could help for the tests to not have unnecessary
> warnings. But what about real setups? Won't having rpl_slave_state in
> MyISAM on the replicating MariaDB instance be actually dangerous and
> can easily break replication in case of any crashes?

Well, yes, it's the same as having any other table in MyISAM. Or old-style
replication, which uses a simple file relay-log.info.

With mysql.rpl_slave_state in InnoDB, replicating transactional DML becomes
crash-safe, but MyISAM DML and any DDL can still break replication if we crash
in the middle.

>> To change the
>> GTID position, use SET GLOBAL gtid_pos='0-1-10', which will update
>> mysql.rpl_slave_state as needed.
> Hm... In what situation this could be necessary?

It's not really needed. You might use it to specify starting position for a
new slave, as an alternative to master_file_name and master_file_pos.

> That's great news... :) Wait... Wasn't 10.0.2 planned as beta? It's
> alpha now? Does that mean GA probably moved much further?

I do not think plans have changed, however personally I think it's good to
do a couple more point releases to make it easier for people to test.

 - Kristian.

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