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Re: [Gsoc] Regex enhancements Project


Hi, Sudheera!

On Apr 19, Sudheera Palihakkara wrote:
> Hi,
> I went through other threads on this topic. In one thread you mentioned to
> choose a suitable regex library.
> *( Preliminary research - only about chosing a regex library to use in
> MariaDB. You should be able to explain why we should use this library and
> not some other one.)
> *
> What do you mean by "choosing"? don't we have to enhance the exiting regex
> library? Or choose from exiting already implemented libraries which are
> free to use? sorry if it's a stupid question, but I'm confused. :O

Enhancing our old regex library to support all modern features and
multiple charsets is complex and bug-prone work.

I don't see why we should bother doing it, when there are plenty of
regex libraries available.

There's PHP's mb_regex, there's prce, and many others too. We'd better
just pick one that works better for MariaDB, and put it instead of
Henry Spencer's library.


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