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Re: log analyzer


sorry tipo *wildcard instead willcard

2013/4/23 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Reading a bit more mariadb manual what i need is near to EXPLAIN EXTENDED
> + SHOW WARNINGS, but with "?" will card instead of constants
> https://kb.askmonty.org/en/explain/#explain-extended
> 2013/4/23 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi guys,
>> I was looking for something that give me the 'prepared statement' of a
>> SQL query
>> for example:
>> statment = SELECT * FROM table WHERE field="value"
>> prepared statement = SELECT * FROM table WHERE field=?
>> why do this? well my idea is build a log analyzer and get commong queries
>> since some programs don't use native prepared statement, reading the slow
>> query log, or query log only will give me many different queries
>> what i want is:
>> 1)read queries log
>> 2)get queries
>> 3)get the 'prepared statement' of the query
>> 4)create a table with prepared statement / unique id (maybe md5 of
>> (database name + prepared statement) )
>> 5)create statistics using the unique id of prepared statement and check
>> if the same 'kind' of queries are running with a mean time, or have some
>> low and high times (for example) or getting information if some index is
>> being used or not, well here i have many ideas but it's not the 'problem'
>> for now
>> the problem is the item (3), i have a query and i need the 'prepared
>> statement' of this query, even the query was not executed with prepared
>> statements
>> this should work for INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT, CREATE TABLE and
>> others queries too (for now SELECT is enought, but in future others kinds
>> of query will be nice)
>> anyone know something that could do this job? maybe part of the mariadb
>> query parser could/should be used?
>> i was thinking about a command that could be executed in mariadb, today
>> we have the EXPLAIN, we could have PARSE or other name?
>> simplifying the problem: read the query, parse it and change constant
>> values with "?" willcard
>> thanks! any help is welcome
>> --
>> Roberto Spadim
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> Roberto Spadim
> SPAEmpresarial

Roberto Spadim