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Fwd: MariaDB release numbering



I've emailed Kristian about this subject and he suggested I sent this to
your mailing list to get a more complete picture.

On our work packaging MariaDB for Gentoo, me and Robin need to decide how
to deal with the packaging of MySQL vs MariaDB and to that it would be
really helpful to have an idea of how you plan to number your future
AFAIK, currently we can compare MySQL vs MariaDB as:

MySQL                MariaDB
5.1                       5.1 / 5.2 / 5.3
5.5                       5.5 (including MariaDB features from 5.2/5.3)
5.6                       10.0 (based on MySQL 5.5 with backports from
MySQL 5.6
                             and features from previous MariaDB versions)
5.7                      ???

The first question for us is what version number will you use for a newer
version based on MySQL-5.7. Another question is if you plan to port all
your work to the 5.7 codebase or if you'll keep working on the current 10.0
codebase and do backports from 5.7 (like you did for MySQL 5.6).
A second question is whether you still claim binary compatibility with
MySQL[1] and how would you compare the latest versions of MariaDB and MySQL
(10.0 vs 5.6, 5.7).

 [1] - https://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-versus-mysql-compatibility/

Any info you can share on the release versioning plans would be really
helpful. If this is still too early for any definitions or comments, is
there any way we can follow or learn about such decisions?
Thank you and regards,

Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto
Gentoo Developer

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