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Re: GTID work priorities


Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> we would really love to see "strict gtid mode" and related stuff next.

I've now pushed strict mode to 10.0-base, and documented it in the

However, one thing was not clear from your description in MDEV-4478:

> 4) Probably with a separate flag we want to prohibit any writes to binlog on
> the slave except from the slave thread(s), i.e. whenever MASTER_HOST is
> configured server works as if sql_log_bin = 0 globally except for the slave
> thread(s) which work as if sql_log_bin = 1 and SELECT @@global.sql_log_bin
> still returns 1.

Can you elaborate exactly what semantics you have in mind for this new option?
And why a new option is needed/how it differs from the already existing
read-only and sql-log-bin options?

It sounds to me what you want is simply to be able to start the server with
--sql-log-bin=0 and still have the slave sql thread log its events to the
binlog (if --log-slave-updates=1)? I would expect that to work already, but
maybe there is a bug (that we could fix), or maybe you had something else in

 - Kristian.

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