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Re: GTID replication and relay_log.info


Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Thanks for the pointers, Kristian. It turned out that it was an incorrect
> merge of GTID-related changes into 10.0.1 tree. In particular I didn't
> quite understand the meaning of LINE_FOR_FIRST_MYSQL_5_6 in sql/rpl_mi.cc
> and thus left it at the value of 19. Because of that every time when
> master.info was read slave didn't see the value of using_gtid variable and
> didn't purge relay logs. Now I've got this fixed for us.

Ok, good that you got it tracked down.

> BTW, while debugging I've noticed that master.info file wasn't properly
> truncated when it was re-written. I always saw some left-over text after
> the line "using_gtid=1". After finish of rpl.rpl_gtid_crash it could be
> even several lines of extra text with one more line "using_gtid=1" at the
> end. So probably you will want to fix this at some point...

Ah, good catch, I'll get it fixed.

 - Kristian.