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Clear-text plugin


This is a continuation of https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/CONC-25. We
requested support for the clear-text plugin (or a workaround of any kind)
that would allow a client compiled with the MariaDB connector to use PAM
authentication with MySQL Enterprise servers from Oracle.

I will not dispute Sergei's opinions about Oracle's implementation.  But I
believe it misses the point. The question is if the MariaDB connector
should be a replacement for the C-IPA from Oracle. And the question is
nothing else than that. Not the quality of solutions bundled with
Enterprise servers from Oracle.

I would like to hear opinions not only from 'core developers' like Sergei,
but also from wider circles in MariaDB organization (management, marketing)
as well as the user community.

For us the problem is like this: We introduced support for the clear-text
plugin in SQLyog 11.1.  In 11.12 beta2 we replaced Oracles connector with
MariaDB (and had to removed it again). We had a few crashes and memory
leaks with mariaDB Connector but that is getting in control now (ther were
bugs in both the API and in oru code).  We probably could patch the MariaDB
code without much problems to support the full-text plugin - but we don't
have a MySQL Enterprise server to test with and we cannot release without
proper testing.

We have already started getting complaints from users/customers about that
what we introduced in 11.1 has been removed in current development tree.
 It seems that we have quite a lot of customers using Oracle's Enterprise
servers wiht Oracle's PAM authentication.

A solution/workaround would very much be appreciated.


Peter Laursen