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Re: Extendet FederatedX storage engine to support updating Sphinx RT indexes



>>>>> "Markus" == Markus Lidel <Markus.Lidel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Markus> Hello,
Markus> the Sphinx Search engine has RT indexes, which could be updated with a 
Markus> subset of SQL commands, refered to as SphinxQL:

Markus> http://sphinxsearch.com/docs/2.1.1/sphinxql-reference.html

Markus> Because the FederatedX storage engine uses some commands, which Sphinx 
Markus> does not know, here is a patch, wich extends the FederatedX storage 
Markus> engine to support this subset of commands. Now its possible to update 
Markus> Sphinx RT indexes directly from MariaDB. To create a connection to the 
Markus> RT index in the Sphinx default RT-index:


Sergey, can you take a look at this patch?