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Re: Extendet FederatedX storage engine to support updating Sphinx RT indexes


Hi Markus,

thanks for your contribution. Connecting to Sphinx RT index via federatedx
sounds like a great idea.

I reviewed attached patch and from what I can see, relevant difference
between dialects is as following:

1. Connection to RT index doesn't require database name and you made it
   optional in parse_url(). That's acceptable with sphinxql scheme, but
   with mysql scheme it's a bit ambiguous. What do you think if we keep
   database name mandatory and document that connection string to RT index
   should look like 

2. delete_row(): looks nice, but could be greatly simplified because sphinxql
   accepts only record identifier in WHERE clause.

3. delete_all_rows(): FWICS there is "TRUNCATE RTINDEX" statement in sphinx. 
   Why can't we use it? Even better patch sphinx to make RTINDEX word optional?

4. table_metadata(): I believe it should be easy and natural to patch sphinx to
   support SHOW TABLE STATUS. What do you think?

5. query(): Same here, sphinxql shouldn't add implicit limit.

6. test_connection(): What's the problem with test query?

Did I miss anything else?


29.05.2013, в 1:46, Markus Lidel <Markus.Lidel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> написал(а):

> Hello,
> the Sphinx Search engine has RT indexes, which could be updated with a subset of SQL commands, refered to as SphinxQL:
> http://sphinxsearch.com/docs/2.1.1/sphinxql-reference.html
> Because the FederatedX storage engine uses some commands, which Sphinx does not know, here is a patch, wich extends the FederatedX storage engine to support this subset of commands. Now its possible to update Sphinx RT indexes directly from MariaDB. To create a connection to the RT index in the Sphinx default RT-index:
> index rt
> {
>  type = rt
>  path = @CONFDIR@/data/rt
>  rt_field = title
>  rt_field = content
>  rt_attr_string = title
>  rt_attr_string = content
>  rt_attr_uint = gid
> }
> you just have to call:
>  `title` TEXT,
>  `content` TEXT,
> ) ENGINE=FEDERATED CONNECTION='sphinxql://root@localhost:9306/rt';
> It would be great, if the attached patch could be integrated into MariaDB. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
> Best regards,
> Markus Lidel
> <federatedx_with_sphinxql-10.0.2.patch>_______________________________________________
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