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Re: audit plugin help with MDEV-575 (fail2ban like)


i will update MDEV to try this option, it's easier and 'do the job', maybe
a log could help too but... leave to another plugin do this =)

2013/6/11 Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> well i'm thinking about again, maybe just a syslog could do the job with
> fail2ban
> but in windows... well it will not work
> maybe the second option of a internal table could do the job too
> Host | bad_login_datetime
> if host have more than 'bad_login_tries' bad logins in 'bad_login_seconds'
> seconds before now  it will be disconnect
> after xxx seconds or after each minute, or after each disconnect clean the
> internal table that have bad_login_datetime < now() - 'bad_login_seconds'
> the clean should be optimized in a not paintfull way (maybe like a garbage
> colector that runs after X disconnects, or a event that happens each x
> seconds, or both of them, i prefer the disconnect method)
> any other idea?

Roberto Spadim

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