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Re: Process suggestion for minor issues


Dnia 14-06-2013 o 12:27:22 Rasmus Johansson <rasmus@xxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

Hi MariaDB Developers,

This is a suggestion on how to deal with minor or lower priority bugs
and tasks in JIRA, http://mariadb.org/jira .

Please provide your thoughts. Do you think it's an OK way to deal with
the minors or do you prefer some other way?

I agree with Elena that closing bugs which are worth fixing is a bad idea.
Even when the devs don't have time to bother with minor bugs there's always a chance that someone else will look at it and try to fix it. When I have some free time I look at the bug list and try to debug/fix something.

I also agree there's a bit to much drive for new features.

Patryk Pomykalski