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Process suggestion for minor issues


Hi MariaDB Developers,

This is a suggestion on how to deal with minor or lower priority bugs
and tasks in JIRA, http://mariadb.org/jira .

Currently, the process we use makes a clear differentiation between
major or higher prioirty issues (called majors altogether after this)
and minor or lower priority issues (called minors altogether after
this). The majors are the ones that should be fixed for a release and
the minors are rolling, meaning that they are done when the
corresponding developer has finished his/her majors. This of course
sounds logical, but it also leads to a growing number of minors for
every consecutive release, many of them which never will be fixed but
in the current process will hang around.

Here is a suggested process to handle the ever growing amount of
minors. If a minor issue isn't fixed after two consecutive releases
it's re-reviewed and either priority changed to major (or higher), or
the minor issue is closed with resolution Won't Fix and a comment.
Example of comment can be that "this is an edge case where effort and
benefits doesn't correlate". It should also be noted that after
closing an issue in JIRA, it doesn't mean that it disappears. It will
still show up in free text searches and among the issues for the
version where it was closed.

Please provide your thoughts. Do you think it's an OK way to deal with
the minors or do you prefer some other way?

Best regards,

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