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Re: mysql 5.6, 5.7


it's a nice feature not a must have feature
trace what mariadb is doing in optimizer, some time (in bugs or performace
problem)  is nice to see what is going wrong, and why
a must have feature, for me, is lock partition prune
i have many myisam table with lock problem and partition lock prune can
solve it, today i changed the some codes to use union, but i will change it
to only use partitions when partition lock is enabled
the memcache is a nice feature too since i can remove nosql servers
(memcached) from processlist and use more memory in mariadb server

maybe a benchmark (if possible) about handler socket and memcached could be
nice, i think today we can only do this in mysql server, but it's a nice
information, sometimes is easier to change programs to use handler protocol
instead of using memcached protocol, but it must give near performace

with time i can do this benchmark, but not now, i will mark it in my todo