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Re: Developer course


hi james! thanks for your time!

2013/7/4 James Briggs <james.briggs@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Roberto.
> I don't know anything about courses inside Oracle or Mariadb.com.
me too kkkkk :P

> But I googled around and found the following outside resources:
> - MySQL Internals Manual (online)
this one i found, but it don't give much examples and why i do this
and not this...

> - Understanding MySQL Internals By Sasha Pachev (O'Reilly)
i will check if i read this one, maybe i readed it, i will search again

> - Peter Z's InnoDB internals lecture videos are online
hummm nice, but i think i will not need innodb, well i will search,
information is always good

> - I wrote a tutorial blog on "Howto Add a New Command to the MySQL Server"
nice! this one is the first i will read hahahah thanks :)

> You can find the above links at the bottom of my blog post:
> http://jebriggs.com/blog/2013/05/howto-add-a-new-command-to-the-mysql-server/
> I wouldn't be surprised if there are no official training courses: database programmers
> are just supposed to suck it up and spend a decade learning the codebase. :)
yes, that the problem, i think we don't have a official course, i
think percona don't have, oracle too (the only courses i found was to
users not for developers), google mysql don't have courses too

> Later, James.
thanks james! any help is well come :)

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