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Re: More enum values in enum fields


Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> well, another doubts that i had some time ago reading unireg source...
> 1)why it have a 64k limit? that's a logical limit (a limit in int variable
> or char or something like it)? or just a "well i think 64k is a good
> 'constant' limit"?

2^16 is why there's that limit.

> 2)why we "still" with this "old" unireg format?
> i know that someone must start the new format and it will not be compatible
> with mysql...
> but there's any raw idea or a issue in mdev or lauchpad about changing .frm
> format or creating a new one?
> maybe something more human readable YAML or JSON, and a space for engine
> information https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-3936

See my other post: Drizzle has a protobuf based format. It's non trivial
to make the server behave with this though. It appears there's some code
in MariaDB to construct server data structures from a SQL statement
though, so perhaps that's more usable.

Stewart Smith

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