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the idea is run 'nonsql' queries on mysql, using the mdx language for
example, maybe a plugin daemon could solve for now
a second port (or a new command on mysql protocol) will execute 'create
cube', 'create measure', 'create dimension', and execute the olap queries
using these cubes, measures, dimensions
it's not a tool, it's a new parser + new object types to mysql
at mysql sql language we will have something like show cubes, show measure,
show dimension, but we will not have the objects (cube,measure,dimension)
on sql queries, example if i create a cube A, and i use a select * from A,
i will select from table A, never from cube A
i don't know how sql server use this, but i think it's something similar to

2013/7/12 Richard Bensley <richardbensley@xxxxxxxxx>

> I have a personal bias to stay away from self-proclaimed OLAP tools.
> Developers and architects tend to forget or just plain ignore long term
> data plans, so tools and contractors are installed to "fix" the long term
> data issues. I find this is a common mentality among people who are doing
> operations on the cheap and haven't researched how this was solved in the
> past with job automation systems, or mainframes. Which is a shame.*
> I would prefer to promote a healthy data life cycle. I still think the
> best ETL tools, is perl!
> You can achieve OLAP/DWH results with MySQL and MariaDB, you just have to
> roll your own data lifecycle. CONNECT and multi-source replication
> certainly help with this (multiple and/or foreign data sources).
> From dual have a nicely formatted piece, on creating Materialised Views:
> http://www.fromdual.ch/mysql-materialized-views
> Rich
> * Autosys anyone?
> On 9 July 2013 13:26, Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Rich, i just see some guys using OLAP, i don't have a full understand
>> of what's OLAP
>> I think we can do with sql, but i don't know how guys use it, they talk
>> about linq (.net functions), mdx and cubes, check this:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_analytical_processing
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OLAP_cube
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_OLAP_Servers
>> I saw guys using with sql server and oracle servers, but i really don't
>> know how usefull they are
>> In a high level i think that's a tool that run over sql layer, something
>> that tcp is over ip protocol, they have cubes (views), measures (columns)
>> and dimensions (rows). i think that each cube is a sql query (? maybe i'm
>> wrong) and measures are columns, and dimensions are rows, something like
>> versions of these measures, or maybe view this as a cube, something like
>> X/Y/Z axis
>> well i don't really know what this could do, they tell that's for
>> datamining and get more information about data, i didn't see something like
>> this (datamining) in mysql/mariadb, that's why i asked
>> i take a look many times ago about column database, that's a nice tool
>> but i don't think it's something that guys see as OLAP solution, column
>> database have a really nice use and can optimize many things
>> well any information is welcome, i will search more about it, maybe it's
>> a easy tool to implement (maybe not) but if it's usefull we could give a try
>> thanks Rich

Roberto Spadim

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