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Re: help creating error messages


well today i'm using perror to understand errors, but sometimes i don't
have perror in my computer or the sql error isn't clear
is error at information schema usefull? or maybe we should improve error
i don't remember all error i got now that isn't clear and i used perror to
understand, but with time i can comment about each error that isn't clear

2013/7/16 Sergei Golubchik <serg@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi, Roberto!
> On Jul 10, Roberto Spadim wrote:
> > other doubt...
> > there's no plugin to read this file right? could i create a
> > error_messages plugin? it will read the err file and return something
> > like:
> > ||Language|error code|error text||
> > |en_US|1234|hello|
> What do you want to achieve? To have a list of all error messages in the
> information_schema table? What for?
> > where could i read all error codes? i was reading unireg there's some
> include/mysqld_error.h
> > macros, but they are locale specific, there's some 'all locales'
> > variable?  or some function that could read this errors codes /
> > messages?
> ER() returns the error code in the current language. ER_DEFAULT() - in
> the default one.
> Regards,
> Sergei

Roberto Spadim