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10.x compatibility and separate namespace


Hi Guys,

since 10.x won't be compatible with mysql in every aspect any more, I'm wondering if there happen to be any plans to move all compatibility left-overs (client binary names, client library name, daemon binary name, etc.). Are there any such ideas?

I understand that we would lose the compatibility for any later (keeping original names was mentioned in [1] as a MUST for compatibility), but when keeping the original names, it could become tricky to say which tools are compatible and which not any more in mariadb 10+. How this information will be provided actually? How to get users informed properly, which tools are not compatible any more?

And a bit another POV -- is the incompatibility in 10.x strictly limited to the server only (so client side will stay compatible for anytime later)?

[1] https://lists.launchpad.net/maria-discuss/msg00658.html


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