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Re: Review of patch for MDEV-4820


Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> BTW, for the normal non-advanced user, I think silly stuff like running random
> manual transactions on slaves that get into the binlog is a far more common
> mistake. Gtid strict mode will cause errors on this, so it needs to be
> explictly enabled by users to not break/confuse upgrades.

BTW2, those of us discussing here are all experts in databases and
replication. Not so the average user, very far from it.

I invite you to hang around in #mysql on IRC FreeNode for a few weeks and try
to help people who come there asking questions. I have seen stuff like some
admin of a MySQL server that had to ask how to open a text file like my.cnf!
Those users will not be helped by talk of "alternate futures" and stuff like
that. I want those users to also be able to use GTID (for the crash-safe slave

_And_ I want world-class datacenter operations to use GTID and work well
also. Never doubt this.

Doing both sometimes requires thinking out of the box.

 - Kristian.