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Re: Review of patch for MDEV-4820


>> SHOW VARIABLES or SELECT @@GLOBAL.gtid_strict_mode will show the current
>> value. But there is no way to check if it was enabled eg. two weeks ago, if
>> that is what you are asking (the value is not stored in the binlog).

> That is really pity. Is it really so useful to give the user opportunity to
> switch gtid mode on-the-fly? That option sounds really expensive. Isn't
> binlog event ordering lost - or it can't be trusted anymore?

Binlog event order is never lost, strict mode or no strict mode. That is the
whole point: even if the user messes up, MariaDB GTID is still able to
correctly find the right position in the binlog to start at. There is nothing
expensive about changing gtid strict mode, nor any loss of trust.

Gtid strict mode is something to help the _user_. The GTID _code_ does not
care, it works correctly whether strict mode is enabled or not. The only thing
strict mode does is give an error for some uses that are considered
undesirable by people like you and me. All non-error cases work exactly the
same whether strict mode is enabled or not.

It seems the more I try to explain, the more I confuse the issue :-(
Maybe it is better if I just go fix the actual bugs ...

 - Kristian.