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Re: RFC - query cache using storage engine


Hi, Roberto!

15.08.2013 08:25, Roberto Spadim пишет:
Hi guys, i was thinking about ideas for query cache...

there's an mdev about partitioning query cache (

instead of this, why not use a HEAP storage engine (with partitioning), or
maybe a myisam or aria or innodb as "backend", and write a "frontend"
(query cache) that execute commands over this storage engine?

i'm talking about, changing the query/table/result blocks of query cache,
to query/table/result tables

when start mysqld truncate these tables
when add new query "insert" to these tables
when a table prune occur, "delete" from these tables
when flush, optimize these tables
when reset query cache, truncate this tables

these tables could be at mysql schema, if they don't exists create as
ENGINE=MEMORY for example

since we must have a MAX SIZE for query cache, we could add a MAX SIZE for
HEAP engine and a LOW MEMORY algorithm (

at high level, what you think about this idea?

What do you thing is a bottleneck of QC which we are trying to avoid with partitioning?


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