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Re: RFC - query cache using storage engine


hi oleksandr! =)

i'm not thinking, it's a open MDEV that i read and was thinking about it (i
don't know why i was thinking about it kkkk, no work and free time =] )
but i was reading about memcached some months ago and there're some
memcached daemons that runs on memory and disk, and since query cache is
something like it (a cache), why not use the storage engine of mysql to put
query cache? that's the point that i was asking my self

about the bottleneck, i think it's something like a table lock, the query
cache is locked and no one more can write to it, when two or more queries
start writing to query cache the bottleneck is write to query cache, but i
don't know internally hwo it's done, and i never see this problem in
running servers, i don't know why should partition the query cache, maybe
just for reduce locks?
i know the query cache flow via debugger, i don't have an idea about how
everything works in this scenario, there's some prunes, but i know what
docs say and a little about i read at sql_cache.cc

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