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Re: More Secure Kill Command


yeah i liked this idea about query_id too...
thread_id + query_id is a nice solution (at least i think it will work)
i was considering query start time too, but since kill isn't a command with
very high frequency (kills/second), the query_id could solve the problem

the only problem i can see is: if thread id is low (example connection id =
50), and we have a server restart and at the same thread id (50), runs the
same number of queries...
well the probability is very very small... at least i think it is, and if
we execute the KILL, we will get a connection lost from server... and we
should execute the show processlist again...
if we don't want the show processlist again, just add the query start time
(YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS),  but for the first implementation query id is

the query_id is currently implemented? or should be implemented? sorry i'm
asking without reading the source code ...

about syntax, should it be
KILL <thread_id> <query_id>
KILL <thread_id> QUERY <query id>

thanks guys :)

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