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Re: More Secure Kill Command


Sorry Sergei i didn't read your email before sending more one...

"Yes, my thought exactly. It'd be pretty easy to extend KILL to support
killing by query_id, not by thread_id."

some points that i think important...
the "KILL [QUERY | CONNECTION] <thread_id>" is well know in mysql world,
changing it to "KILL [QUERY | CONNETION] <query id>" will make some monitor
softwares to not work anymode

i think a new information to KILL is better, but since we have KILL [QUERY]
option i think that QUERY keyword should be avoid....

KILL thread_id QUERY query_id, is nice since it easily tell what's the
thread id, and it add a check before kill using query id, and don't add

maybe a second command should be nicer if query_id is a "global" "auto
increment" value, for example
KILL QUERY_ID <query_id>

or something compatible with the well know command  "KILL [CONNECTION |
QUERY] <thread_id>", maybe KILL [CONNECTION | QUERY] [<thread_id> | <thread_id>
QUERY <query_id> | <thread_id> COMMAND <query_id> | COMMAND <query id>]

... well just a point of view ...