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Re: More Secure Kill Command


nice, but... i was locking the mysql protocol...
it say that we kill a process (ok it's not a SQL command (COM_QUERY))
in few less words...

we could add a SQL command to KILL ID <query id> (nice! we don't need
thread id + query id, i like some redundant information to make my self
more secure :P, but since query id can be a 64bits value i think i will not
have time to overflow the query id and get the same query id in less than 1
and we could add a new protocol command (i don't know if it's nice...
because add this is incompatible with mysql protocol, and probably will
only work with mariadb client library...), but, if we want to add it, could
be nice add a new parameter (optional) about the query id, instead of only
KILL and thread_id, add a KILL null (or 0 if thread id can't be 0), and a
query id, to KILL protocol

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