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Re: [Otto Kekäläinen] Fwd: initial feedback on mariadb


Hi, Kristian!

On Aug 16, Kristian Nielsen wrote:
> Hi,
> Otto asked for help with the copyright file for the Debian MariaDB
> packages.
> As I understand it, the .deb packages have a file
>     /usr/share/doc/mariadb-server-5.5/copyright
> and there are some scripts in Debian that check the file against what
> is in the headers of source files and possibly other checks (error
> output attached below).
> Otto did something, but there is apparently more needed.
> Can some of you who understand the finer points of licensing among
> Oracle, Monty Program, MariaDB Services, MariaDB foundation, Percona,
> ... please look into this and help Otto fix up things? Debian are
> usually very careful with licensing, so this could easily become a
> blocker otherwise (I assume).
I'd say, let us treat the copyright headers in source files as the
authoritative source. Then the debian copyright file should simply say
exactly what copyright comments do. And there will be no mismatch
between them. And Monty Program AB and MariaDB Foundation will be
appropriately mentioned, as needed.


> Sender: otto@xxxxxxxxx
> From: Otto Kekäläinen <otto@xxxxxxxx>
> To: Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Fwd: initial feedback on mariadb
> Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 11:56:41 +0300
> Hello Kristian,
> Please note the feedback from Nicolas below.
> In commit https://github.com/ottok/pkg-mariadb/commit/90d63b0348a960ca1a119e8961784e3d7959dfbb
> I did what I could, but I suspect the file is too much inclined
> towards Oracle as the old debian/copyright didn't have any
> MariaDB/Monty Program etc mentions I could have copied over. Could you
> insert mentions of MariaDB Foundation, Monty Program AB etc in
> appropriate places, following the new format?
> Also you could check the output of licensecheck and consult with you
> project if all copyright headers are correct in upstream sources.
> Thanks for your help!

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