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Re: introduction



>>>>> "augustq" == augustq  <augustq@xxxxxxx> writes:

augustq> Hi,
augustq> i've joined this list some days ago because I want to participate in the
augustq> discussions here.

augustq> The following links give you an overview of what i've done in the past:
augustq> without registration:  https://www.xing.com/profiles/August_Quint
augustq> with registration:     http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=9080630

augustq> unfortunately the texts are in German, so in short: i've worked as a
augustq> software-developer mainly in the backend area.

augustq> I've made some small modifications on the source code but currently I'm
augustq> struggling with Bazaar. This should be solved soon and I will then
augustq> upload some code to the repository.

augustq> I hope I can help you a bit.
augustq> AugustQ

Any help is appreciated!

What would you like to do ?

You can find a starting point here:

If you are a developer this may also be intersting.

We are just creating a list of things from MySQL 5.6 that still needs
to be merged/re-implemented in MariaDB 10.0.  There may be some tasks
there that you may find interesting.

augustq> PS: i found this:
augustq> in MySQL I call cmake with an argument: -DWITH_DEBUG=1 
augustq> in MariaDB this is: -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

I checked the source and MySQL added at some point
-DWITH_DEBUG=1 as an alias for -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

We never did that as no MariaDB developer had a big need for this.