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Re: Bazaar-problem



>>>>> "augustq" == augustq  <augustq@xxxxxxx> writes:


augustq> My modifications are made for the MyIsam-engine in the handling of a
augustq> full table-scan with a table of dynamic sized records.

augustq> The reason for uploading this is: one of my test-cases was the execution
augustq> of statements like   SELECT * FROM table INTO OUTFILE 'x.x';
augustq> With my test-data this took about 20 seconds with the original code and
augustq> 12 seconds with my modifications.
augustq> I've tested my code with a single table which contains 10 Mio records, a
augustq> total size of 1GB. 

augustq> As i've written before: this code is currently only a proof of concept.
augustq> I've not implemented all the possible cases. I wanted to know if a full
augustq> implementation is a complete waste of time or if it is a bit useful (in
augustq> this case I will do it).

If you can publish your branch in a bzr tree (following the link that
Sergei just emailed to you) then we can have someone from the MariaDB
foundation reviewing the code.

After a review we are in much better position to say how useful the
code is and how to go forwards.