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Re: MDEV 5007 - help me! it's a old mdev closed as not a bug but don't solve the problem


Am 10.09.2013 16:55, schrieb Roberto Spadim:
> Hi guys!
> I posted the MDEV-5007 and it's a old problem from MDEV-3795 (the same problem)
> It (MDEV-3795) was closed as a not a bug, but i think it's a bug, but i didn't explained well at the first time
> I changed from a mysql server to a mariadb server and the result order by isn't executed, i tried
> myisam,aria,innodb,memory engines and all of them return the same problem (order by not executed)
> On the wrong query i don't see the "using filesort" at explain, and at the right query (with right order by) it
> show "using filesort"
> Could anyone help me? or at least EXPLAIN why the order by shouldn't be executed on the first query, and maybe a
> workaround using sql_optimizer variable or something like it?
> it's a closed software and i need to contact developer to change the query, that's why i'm talking about the
> sql_optimizer variable instead of rewrite the query

this is pretty clear the following and will be fixed in 5.5.33

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