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MDEV 5007 - help me! it's a old mdev closed as not a bug but don't solve the problem


Hi guys!
I posted the MDEV-5007 and it's a old problem from MDEV-3795 (the same
It (MDEV-3795) was closed as a not a bug, but i think it's a bug, but i
didn't explained well at the first time

I changed from a mysql server to a mariadb server and the result order by
isn't executed, i tried myisam,aria,innodb,memory engines and all of them
return the same problem (order by not executed)

On the wrong query i don't see the "using filesort" at explain, and at the
right query (with right order by) it show "using filesort"

Could anyone help me? or at least EXPLAIN why the order by shouldn't be
executed on the first query, and maybe a workaround using sql_optimizer
variable or something like it?

it's a closed software and i need to contact developer to change the query,
that's why i'm talking about the sql_optimizer variable instead of rewrite
the query


Roberto Spadim

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