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Re: Problems building debug version of MariaDB 5.5.32


From: Maria-developers
On Behalf Of Weldon Whipple
Sent: Dienstag, 10. September 2013 22:51
To: Maria Developers
Subject: [Maria-developers] Problems building debug version of MariaDB

>I'm having problems building a Debug version of MariaDB 5.5.32. 
>(It's a new problem, I think; I'm almost positive it was working about two
weeks ago.)
>Here is what I'm doing to build MariaDB:
>$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .
>$ make package
>At 69% complete, I get about 14 lines like this:

>[ 69%] Building CXX object
>Linking CXX executable explain_filename-t
>`.text._ZN7handler17ha_index_read_mapEPhPKhm16ha_rkey_function' referenced
in section `.note.stapsdt' of ../../sql/libpartition.a(ha_partition.cc.o):
defined in discarded section
index_read_map(unsigned char*, unsigned char const*, unsigned long,
ha_rkey_function)]' of ../../sql/libpartition.a(ha_partition.cc.o)
>followed by:

Could you try cmake -DWITH_DTRACE=0 ? Google shows that the sections come
from SystemTap, and it is probably a bug or incompatibility somewhere (gcc,
binutils, systemtap, or any combination of those)

  -DWITH_DTRACE=0 will switch  off SystemTap ,so the build should have
higher chance for success.