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Re: Review of patch for MDEV-4820


So, you keep insisting that it's important to have information about
server_id of all servers that ever were a master for the database even
with gtid_strict_mode = 1. :(
I don't agree with that, because I believe this information can be
useful only in circular replication or something similar. But okay, I
understand your point...


On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 5:46 AM, Kristian Nielsen
<knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Pavel Ivanov <pivanof@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> 3. Set gtid_binlog_state and gtid_slave_pos to '0-3-10' on S1 and to
>> '0-1-1' on S2. Try to start slave on S2. Now I get error "slave has
>> diverged". What gives? It's not diverged, it's just behind.
> Yes, it is diverged.
> S1 has binlog state '0-3-10'. This means that the only GTIDs it ever contained
> were 0-3-1, 0-3-2, 0-3-3, ..., 0-3-10.
> But S2 has applied GTID 0-1-1, which never existed on S1, nor can it in the
> future without violating strict mode.
> If S2 had been behind S1, then S1 must have had 0-1-1 in its binlog at some
> point, so the binlog state would have been '0-1-5,0-3-10' or something like
> that. With such a binlog state, the error message would have been "slave too
> old".
>> 4. Now execute a couple transactions on S1, its gtid_current_pos is
>> 0-1-12 now. Start slave on S2 (remember -- its gtid_current_pos is
>> 0-1-1). And now I see even more confusing "The binlog on the master is
>> missing the GTID 0-1-1 requested by the slave (even though both a
>> prior and a subsequent sequence number does exist)". I'm sorry, which
>> prior sequence number exists?
> Ok, that is a bit unfortunate wording.
> The point is - there is a hole in the binlog of S1 at the point of GTID
> 0-1-1. Because GTID 0-1-11 and 0-1-12 exists, but GTIDs 0-1-1, 0-1-2, ...,
> 0-1-10 do not exist in the binlog of S1 (and they never existed, according to
> binlog state).
> Let me change the error message text to:
>     "The binlog on the master is missing the GTID %u-%u-%llu requested by the
>     slave (even though a subsequent sequence number does exist), and GTID
>     strict mode is enabled"
> to avoid the confusion in the case where like here, the hole is at the very
> start of the sequence numbers.
> Again, if the intension was that GTID 0-1-1 did exist in the binlog history,
> but was removed in purge or restore or whatever, the binlog state should have
> been '0-1-X,0-3-10'. Then the error message would have been 'slave too old'.
>  - Kristian.