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Re: Galera-10.0 still does not work with rollbacks


Jan Lindström <jplindst@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Yes, I did run using valgrind, while it reported some uninitialized variables,
> not really any memory corruptions.  Attached, the log from node0. Similarly,

Well, uninitialised variables are exactly what I would expect could lead to
things looking like you have shown so far. So if you have Valgrind errors, you
should definitely start by fixing them.

However, I see no messages from Valgrind in the log you attached?!?

So please, repeat the exact problem you get (assertion during rollback) while
running with Valgrind. Provide the exact command you used to get the error in
this particular run, and the correct log that shows the Valgrind errors about
uninitialised variables, and I can give more suggestions for how to fix.

> debug=+d did not help. Where I should add some output to narrow down the place
> where the corruption happens.

What do you mean "did not help"? Did it not work to produce any output? Maybe
a different syntax is needed (I usually enable it using ./mtr --debug, but I
did test using the above syntax directly).

Once you get dbug output enabled, you get a file containing the output from
every DBUG_ENTER() and DBUG_PRINT() statement in the code (likely many
megabytes worth). This will help show what the code was doing before it
crashed, so we can backtrack in the source and try to find the root of the

So again, repeat the exact problem you get with dbug enabled. Provide the
exact command you use to repeat the problem in this exact run. And provide the
resolved stack trace in GDB of the exact same failure run. And upload the DBUG
output somewhere (it will be too big to mail). Then I can take a look and see
if I can come up with more suggestions.

 - Kristian.

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