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Re: MDEV-5019 - THREADPOOL - Create Information Schema Table for Threadpool


Hi Vladislav!
i did some initial work, check if i'm going to the right direction:

something todo...
ENUM('Y','N'), i never used... i will try some search at sql_show.cc to get
this information

thd->thread_id, thd->query_id, is listener, is waiting
i didn't found information how could i get the thd, or how to know if a
thread is the listener, or a thread is waiting
i know that i have the all_groups[].listener to get listener, but i don't
know how to check for example if a waiting_threads is the listener or not
about thread waiting, i didn't understand yet where i could check if it's
waiting or not

well just first steps, i didn't compiled yet, just write the scratch =)


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