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Re: [Spatial] On current implementation approach


On 24 September 2013 19:28, Roberto Spadim <roberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here (mariadb lists) ideas are wellcome (at least some ideas that i
> posted was accepted or discussed) and patchs are *very* wellcome


Good to know. I will use JIRA if I ever have anything relevant.

> [...]
> I like how mariadb team works, it's better than mysql team (sorry
> oracle, but mariadb is better here)

I have no idea about differences between the two development models
and frankly, as long as the source code is open, I don't really care
who drives the upstream wheel.

> With your knowledge you could help at opengis plans :)
> I don't know what you can do, but if you can, please help mariadb =)

For now, I'm just learning, thus I appreciate your comments.

> Well I will talk like an mariadb user now and report my experience here...
> Today I'm using JIRA to report feature requests when i think it's
> relevant, and with a small discuss at maria-discuss mail list
> After a report a mariadb guy could mark it as won't fix, if anyone
> read it you can send ONE email to maria-developers list or maybe at
> IRC channel, asking about your idea and someone will look it and talk
> "hum nice, relevant feature, let's do it at version xxx, or let's
> solve it now" i think it's more interesting than a public pool like
> mysql since the problem start from mariadb users and not from mariadb
> developers, and developers do the best implementing this features with
> a good discussion with users, well just my opnion it's the best model
> to solve software bugs/features

I understand.
After initial confusion, which mailing list to choose, I deliberately
decided to target MariaDB list with my questions.
I may repeat the same discussion roll on MySQL one, but I wouldn't relate it
MariaDB plans. Certainly, as both projects share the same (initial)
codebase, it's nothing wrong to ask both camps about their
plans regarding features of interest :-)

> Thanks =) i will leave space to mariadb team, sorry many emails, this
> topic is interesting to me

I appreciate your comments Roberto, thanks.

Best regards,
Mateusz  Loskot, http://mateusz.loskot.net
"Participation in this whole process is a form of torture" ~~ Szalony