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Re: Opened_plugin_libraries status variable


Hi, Ian!

On Nov 05, Ian Gilfillan wrote:
> I would like to document the Opened_plugin_libraries status variable, 
> introduced in MariaDB 10.0, but can't understand what it's all about.
> I have looked at:
> http://lists.askmonty.org/pipermail/commits/2013-April/004595.html
> but it's not really making sense what it's testing.

This is a merge changeset, it's not very helpful.
Here's the one, that introduced the variable:


The changeset comment says "... and a  new status variable to cound
successful dlopen's".

So, Opened_plugin_libraries is incremented every time a shared library
is opened.

> In my own setup, each time I query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ALL_PLUGINS 
> table, Opened_plugin_libraries increments by 19 (no matter what 
> conditions I apply).

Try to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ALL_PLUGINS for a specific library, like
in the show_all_plugins.test from the changeset above:

  select * from information_schema.all_plugins where plugin_library='ha_example.so';


  show plugins soname 'ha_example.so';

In both these queries, MariaDB knows exactly that you're interested in
ha_example.so, so it only opens that specific shared library. And
Opened_plugin_libraries is incremented by 1.

If you try (again, from the test file):

  show plugins soname like '%example%';

it will open all .so files that have "example" in their names, in the
test suite it'll be dialog_examples.so, libdaemon_example.so,
ha_example.so, udf_example.so. So, Opened_plugin_libraries will be
incremented by 4. Note, that udf_example.so has no plugins inside, but
MariaDB can only know that after opening the file. So it'll count in
Opened_plugin_libraries, but it won't show up in the SHOW PLUGINS

Otherwise, MariaDB will have to open all .so files in the plugin_dir,
and apparently you happen to have 19 of them.