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Re: MariaDB 5.5.35



Using a tmpfs directory as the tmpdir has its interest, changing it only because of warnings issued for temporaries InnoDB tables doesn't seems to be a "solution".

Anyway there is no point on using O_DIRECT on a filesystem in ram (on its "normal" usage at least).

Issuing the warning once when the server starts and check the tmpdir could be enough.


On 03/02/2014 19:09, Reindl Harald wrote:

Am 03.02.2014 18:08, schrieb ImperialNetwork:
I started to notice this on my error log since i upgraded from 5.5.34 to 5.5.35:

140203  5:26:25  InnoDB: Failed to set O_DIRECT on file /dev/shm/#sql7e8f6_1a94bc_10.ibd: CREATE: Invalid argument,
continuing anyway
140203  5:26:25  InnoDB: O_DIRECT is known to result in 'Invalid argument' on Linux on tmpfs, see MySQL Bug#26662

I never seen this error/warning until 5.5.35. Should this be normal?

output of /usr/bin/df -hT would be a good idea

if you heave /tmp as tmpfs like more and more linux distributions
set "tmpdir" in my.cnf somewhere else, O_DIRECT can not work on
tmpfs by definition and that there was before no warning don't
mean that it ever worked before

there where many warnings in the past 6 months about config options
which are deprecated or not work as someone may think

the difference is "works not" silent or not silent in most cases

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