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Re: MariaDB


2014-02-04 Kristian Nielsen <knielsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> As a first step I suggest that MariaDB would create a new BuildBot
>> instance 'kvm-deb-trusty-amd64' which builds for every commit it pulls
>> from https://github.com/ottok/mariadb-5.5.git
> I can try to find time to setup this, but I will need an exact list of the
> commands that should be run. Basically, you need to provide a script that can
> be run in a clean VM and does what you want the buildbot to do. It doesn't
> have to be fancy, but it needs to be complete so that it is clear what needs
> to be done.

Here is what I do on my home heater (very handy now during winter
times): http://labs.seravo.fi/~otto/mariadb-repo/build.sh

On your clean VM maybe this should be enough:

gbp-clone --pristine-tar git://github.com/ottok/mariadb-5.5.git

OR if you don't want to re-download all the time, then just doing a
fetch and trigger a build if there are new commits with:

git fetch origin
  if [ -n "$(git log HEAD..origin/master --oneline)" ]; then

  -> build

The actual build part can be:

gbp-pull --pristine-tar --force # takes in also the pristine-tar
branch latest updates, force takes care of my potential git rebase
action resolving

git-buildpackage  --git-pristine-tar # will eventually run
dpkg-buildbackage just like debina/autobake.sh now does, no pbuilder
is used with this plain command

>> And while you are at it, please also consider setting up an instance
>> 'kvm-deb-sid-pbuilder-amd64' that provides a Debian unstable
> Daniel, can you prepare new sets of VMs for Ubuntu trusty and Debian sid?
> Then I can try to setup Buildbot to do these builds.

With pbuilder the commands are same as above expect for:

git-buildpackage  --git-pristine-tar --git-notify=false --git-pbuilder
--git-dist=sid --git-arch=amd64

Note that pbuilder will create a chroot, so it does not really need to
be run inside a clean VM, it will semi-create one itself (but it does
not hurt running it within a Debian unstable VM).
In the VM that runs plain git-buildpackage the build depends need to
be installed before, like you do with the other VMs now too.

>> Does this sound like a good plan?
> I think so. It is not clear to me who can do what, but the plan is good.