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Re: MariaDB scalability: mutexes


Hi Svoj,

Sergey Vojtovich wrote:
> I benchmarked various mutexes available to MariaDB.
> Among other things I noticed that normal mutexes scale better than adaptive.

> Could you do official benchmarks (patch attached)? It would be nice to also
> benchmark MySQL-5.6 with thr_lock part of the patch.

Here are sysbench results for 10.0.8. I added 10.0.7 and MySQL-5.6.10 from
an earlier run for comparison. The test is sysbench OLTP ro with multiple
(32) tables.

The normal mutexes give significantly better throughput. The raw data
contains also the snapshots from performance schema with the mutex numbers.
Top mutex is still LOCK_open.

I currently run another sysbench OLTP, this time also r/w and with both
lower and higher concurrency. I added 10.0.8-patched to this, but it won't
finish before tomorrow.


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