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Re: MariaDB scalability: mutexes


Hi Svoj,

you seemed to be interested in a OLTP benchmark with a single table, so here
it is.

Axel Schwenke wrote:
> Here are sysbench results for 10.0.8. I added 10.0.7 and MySQL-5.6.10 from
> an earlier run for comparison. The test is sysbench OLTP ro with multiple
> (32) tables.

Attached more results. tps.dat shows numbers for the same benchmark as
above, but using a single big table. Again the normal mutexes show some
benefits, but only at elevated concurrency. Mutex statistics are again in
the zip files.

The other benchmark (tps1.dat) is sysbench OLTP both read-only and
read-write. It also tests concurrencies from 1 to 512. This shows basically
the same behavior. The benchmark was with PFS=off, so no mutex stats.


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