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Re: two places maybe need adjusted in rpl_parallel.cc


"nanyi607rao" <nanyi607rao@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> First is in rpl_parallel_thread::get_rgi()
> adjusted like this
> ...
>   else
>   {
>     if(!(rgi= new rpl_group_info(rli)))
>     {
>       my_error(ER_OUTOFMEMORY, MYF(0), (int)sizeof(*rgi));
>       return NULL;
>     }
>     rgi->is_parallel_exec = true;
> -    if ((rgi->deferred_events_collecting= rli->mi->rpl_filter->is_on()))
> _      rgi->deferred_events= new Deferred_log_events(rli);
>   }
> +    if ((rgi->deferred_events_collecting= rli->mi->rpl_filter->is_on()))
> +      rgi->deferred_events= new Deferred_log_events(rli);
> because rgi->deferred_events was freed in rpl_parallel_thread::free_rgi() if it wasn't NULL

Right, I see. Maybe an alternative is to fix rpl_parallel_thread::free_rgi()
to not free the deferred_events, I will need to check. Either way, agree, this
needs to be fixed.

> Second is in  rpl_parallel_change_thread_count()
> I think it need add mysql_cond_broadcast(&pool->COND_rpl_thread_pool) after all new threads are ok, this is for
> the case that skip_slave_start=OFF,then SQL thread would start automaticlly, it could wait forever in rpl_parallel_thread_pool::get_thread(), because SQL thread may reach this function before another thread reach the rpl_parallel_change_thread_count().

Ah, I see, well spotted! I will find a way to fix this.

Thanks a lot for finding and reporting these!

 - Kristian.