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[GSoC] memcached priorities


Hi all,

I'm looking to do my GSoC project with MariaDB, specifically the suggestion
to "Port the InnoDB memcached interface to MariaDB" on the page
https://mariadb.com/kb/en/google-summer-of-code-2014/ .

But the project description links to a JIRA bug at
https://mariadb.atlassian.net/browse/MDEV-4674 ,
where the author suggests that we support memcached through TCP/UDP
instead, with no mention of the InnoDB plugin.

I figure that the InnoDB plugin is more important, since it's a MySQL 5.6
feature, it's widespread in industry, and the lack of a memcache interface
is one of only a handful X's for MariaDB on
http://www.skysql.com/blogs/max-mether/mysql-56-vs-mariadb-100 .
Additionally, even without TCP/UDP support, one could just code the
memcache logic manually anyway, whereas the InnoDB integration is more
sophisticated and feature-rich and would be a good selling point for SkySQL.

So I'd like to start working on a proposal. Can any devs weigh in on which
aspect of memcache is more desirable for MariaDB? If it sounds likes a
good, straightforward GSoC project that nobody else has claimed yet?

Tan Tran