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[GSoC] Student interested in "Optimize mysql-test runs" or adding SQL features


I'm Pablo, from Mexico. Before going into detail, I wanna give a bit of
background: I am a master's student, pursuing a degree on Scientific
Computing in Korea. My program is 3 years long, and I'm at the middle of
the first one.

The reason why I think I have skills that will be useful for MariaDB is
that before being a master's student, I was working for Oracle during 2
years, committing into the Oracle executable, so I have experience testing,
coding and working inside a database executable. Specifically, I was
working on the DBMS_SCHEDULER package.

Although I am interested in software development, I am more interested in
data analysis. That's why I switched from computer science to scientific
computing, and that's why the project that interests me the most is the one
called "Statistically optimize mysql-test runs by running less tests". I am
very excited by the idea of using data to try to test more smartly.

If it was not possible to participate in the latter project, I would also
be interested to work on adding support for "OR REPLACE, CREATE IF NOT

Depending on your feedback, I can get to work on a proposal for either one
of the two projects. I'd be very happy to be able to participate in GSoC
with MariaDB.


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