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Re: Some questions on GSOC project User Defined Event


Hi, Savita!

On Mar 09, Savita Agrawal wrote:
> If we want the application developers to take advantage from events
> occurring on a table then we could reuse a plugin from drizzle
> database which one of friends developed as part of gsoc last year.
> This plugin allows the drizzle client to call a function
> wait_for(type_of_event, table_name, num_of_events, time_out) and
> returns when this event occurs in the table the given number fo times.
> Currently drizzle uses this in their replication slave as well. I am
> not sure how stable this plugin is.

Yes, it's similar, in a sense.
But our GSoC task is about SQL interface for this feature, not about
protocol or C-API changes.