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first results from replication benchmarks


Hi everybody,

here are some first results from my benchmarks of replication / group commit

The benchmark is sysbench OLTP rw, data set fitting in memory. I tested a
total of 27 configurations, 9 each for Maria-5.5.36, Maria-10.0.9 and
MySQL-5.6.16. Variations were for binlog on/off, SBR vs. RBR and
sync_binlog=0/1. For MariaDB I also tested XtraDB vs. InnoDB, for MySQL it
was GTID on vs. GTID off.

Not surprisingly turning on the binlog comes with a performance penalty.
Also sync_binlog=1 adds another penalty. Quite consistently RBR was a little
bit slower than SBR for all combinations (I also observed the binlogs to be
bigger for RBR by a factor of nearly 2).

The only real surprise was the cost of GTID in MySQL as can be seen in the
attached plot. MariaDB-10.0 has GTID enabled by default (you cannot even
turn it off)

Right now the same benchmark is running again, this time using a single disk
for binlogs (was a fast RAID before).

Next step is applying binlogs to a slave with different settings for number
of slave threads etc.


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