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Re: first results from replication benchmarks



>>>>> "Axel" == Axel Schwenke <axel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Axel> Hi everybody,
Axel> here are some first results from my benchmarks of replication / group commit
Axel> performance.

Axel> The benchmark is sysbench OLTP rw, data set fitting in memory. I tested a
Axel> total of 27 configurations, 9 each for Maria-5.5.36, Maria-10.0.9 and
Axel> MySQL-5.6.16. Variations were for binlog on/off, SBR vs. RBR and
Axel> sync_binlog=0/1. For MariaDB I also tested XtraDB vs. InnoDB, for MySQL it
Axel> was GTID on vs. GTID off.


Axel> Next step is applying binlogs to a slave with different settings for number
Axel> of slave threads etc.

So the current benchmark was when using one slave thread?

When trying parallel replication, remember to test both when doing
updates in one databases and in many databases.

In this case MySQL 5.6 should only scale in the second case.

One reason GTID could be slow on MySQL 5.6 is that it will automaticly
enable the binary log on the slave.
Do you think this is the case?


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